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Time Table

Time-Table of the Honorary doctors visiting Eye & Other Departments of the Vasai Blind Relief Association Hospital

Eye Department : O.P.D. from 8.30 AM to 2.00 PM
Dr. Lalachand Gupta. MBBS, D.O.Monday to Saturday
Dr.Suhaschandra Desai.M.B.B.S;D.O;D.O.M.S;Glaucoma FellowWednesday, Thursday
Dr.Gauri Joshi. M.B.B.S.D.O.M.S;F.V.R.N.Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.
Dr.Sagar Kharosekar.M.S; F.V.R.N. Tuesday, Friday.
Dr.Ragini Desai.M.B.B.S.D.O.M.S.  Tuesday, Saturday.
Dr.Vidhan Doshi. M.B.B.S.,D.O.M.S. Monday, Friday
Dr. Mayur Waghela   MBBS,M.S(Ophth) Wednesday, Saturday 
Dr .Rajiv Shah. MBBS,DNB(Ophth),FVRS,FMRS,FICO  Tuesday 2.00 pm
Evening 4.00 PM To 6.00PM
Dr.Siddharth Vora M.B.B.S.Wednesday to Saturday 
Dr.Rutuja Jambhle (Patil) MBBS,DO.Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday     
Anaesthesia Department
Dr.Nandkumar Raut. M.D;D.A. 
Dr.Mrs.Leena J.Korgaonkar. M.D.  
Dr.(Mrs) Deepali R. Raut.   M.D. 
General Medicine Department 
Dr.Sampada Patil.M.D.(Chest)       Monday ,Thursday( 16.00 Hrs)
General Surgical Department
Dr. Anand Nerkar.M.S;F.R.S.H.(London) Thursday, Saturday (14.00 Hrs)
Dr.Shrikrishna Shindgi. M.S.   As and when required/ On call
Dr.Deepak Raut. M.S.(E.N.T.)   Monday (15.00 Hrs)
Radiology Department
Dr.Dilip Naik.M.D.D.M.R.D. As and when required.
Digital X ray Monday to Saturday  (9.00AM To 13.00Hrs)
Pathology Department
Dr. Abhijeet Aloz. M.D.(Path)  Monday to Saturday.
Physiotheraphy Department   
Dr.Deepali Pawar.M.P.T; M.I.A.P. Monday to Saturday (8.30 Hrs to 12.30 Hrs)
Dr.Ketan Pandit . B.P.Th  Monday to Saturday (17.00 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs)
General Duty Doctors
Dr.Pravin Sharma. M.D. (Homeo )