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Pyscho Theraphy

Psycho Therapy Department

Name:Neelima Madhukar Mohol
Qualification:MS in counseling and Psycho therapy.
Years of Experience:14 years
Worked with school for 10 years as an academic counselor
Activities Conducted:Adolescent counseling for girls
One on one sessions
Parenting sessions
Relaxation sessions
Mediation techniques
Yoga (Basic)
Breathing Techniques
Regarding & Writing techniques
Worked as a special educator
Mind reprogramming
Positive outlook towards life
Counseling helps people to find solution for themselves. People usually take “mind” & “body” differently. But mind and body are connected. So when the patients approach us we focus on the minute factor of his life. This will help them change their perspective towards life from negative to positive.



Dr. Neelima Madhukar Mohol

Neelima Madhukar Mohol