Our Activities

Our Activities are mostly in the remote, rural, backward and tribal areas of Vasai, Palghar, Wada, Bhiwandi and other talukas of Thane District (Covering a population of 48,25,774) in Maharashtra State.

Eye Camps and Medical Check-ups

Regular eye camps and medical check-up camps are being organized in the rural areas of Thane District every year.  The persons are examined/screened in the camps and those who need eye surgery are brought to our hospital.  They are investigated for fitness for surgery.  The fit cases are operated by the eye surgeons.  The operated persons are kept in the hospital for two to three days and then sent back to their respective villages.  The expenses incurred for their investigations, operations, medicines, diet, nursing care, transport are borne by the institution.  The post operative care is provided with follow ups for 45 days.  On an average, 25 camps are organized in a year and 250-300 persons are screened/examined in a camp and 150-200 spectacles are distributed to the needy in the camp.

Other Consultancy Services

Besides 'Eye Care', the hospital also offers out patient consultancy services in General Medicine, Gen. Surgery, ENT, Skin, Ayurvedic Medicine and Physiotherapy.  These services are provided on specific days of the week.  The consultants from Vasai and Mumbai make it convinient to attend the hospital.  Patients are nominally charged for their consultations.

Supportive Services

The pathology laboratory functions everyday.   All pathological investigations including HIV testing are carried out regularly in the hospital.

On an average, 620 investigations are carried out in a month.  Radiology department started in June 2005.  The department carries out radiological investigations.

The department of Physiotherapy was started in the year 1989.  We have also started a seperate treatment schedule for Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy treatment for the affected childrens since July 2007.   Since then, 14 children have been benefited.  On an average 500 individuals in a month attend the Physiotherapy department.