About Ourselves


Till 1958, there was hardly any facility available for Eye Care right from Borivali to Valsad area.  Therefore a group of social workers came together and started the Institution on O.P.D. basis.  Surgical work also started in the same year.  due to the total dedication of social workers, doctors and staff, the institution grew gradually and gained a lot of goodwill and confidence of the people.  The institution runs totally on charitable basis with no profit and gains.  To provide diagnosis and treatment for Diabetic retinopathy, our hospital recently started department of Posterior Segment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to participate actively in the National Programme for Prevention of Blindness by adhering to the WHO Theme "The Right to Sight" and Vision - 2020.

Our Mission

Assist visually impaired persons for a sight in rural and urban areas of Vasai, Palghar, Wada, Bhiwandi and other talukas of Thane District (Covering a population of 48,25,774) of Maharashtra State.

Our Activities

  • Create community awareness for Primary Eye Care.
  • Organise free eye camps for visual impairment in collaboration with community based organizations and NGOS in rural as well as urban areas.
  • Conduct cataract detection camps to reach the unreached and poorest of the poor in remote, inaccessible, tribal areas wtih the help of mobile van.
  • Carry out free cataract operations for the needy Adiwasis and economically backward (below poverty line) persons.
  • Diagonse Diabetic Retinopathy cases and provide appropriate treatment.
  • Provide comprehensive eye care.
  • Organise Refraction Camps and provide spectacles to the needy, free of cost / at subsidised rate.
  • Conduct regular eye check-ups of students in the schools.
  • Administer prophylactic doses of Vit. A & wormicides to the school children for prevention of blindness.
  • Run a regular O.P.D. not only for eye conditions but in the specialities like Medicine, Skin, ENT, General Surgery and Physiotherapy at nominal rates.
  • Provide pathological and Radiological support on regular basis for outdoor and indoor patients.
  • Undertake continuing medical education programme in Ophthalmology.